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Nigel Sizer

Director, Global Forest Initiative, World Resources Institute 

Nigel Sizer is the Director of WRI’s Global Forest Initiative.

Nigel comes to WRI from Rare, an international conservation organization, where he served as vice president for Asia. While at Rare, he expanded operations into China, and conceived and developed Community Carbon, a grassroots effort to link impoverished communities in Indonesia to global carbon markets. In 2008, he served as lead advisor on climate change and energy issues in Asia to former President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative. Sizer has also worked with UNEP in Nairobi, and established The Nature Conservancy’s Asia-Pacific Forest Program.

Nigel previously worked for WRI from 1992 to 2001. He was initially tasked with creating a program to promote conservation and sustainability in the Amazon Basin. Later on, he led a team of WRI policy experts working on forestry and biodiversity issues around the world.

Nigel holds Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees in natural sciences and tropical forest ecology from King’s College and the University of Cambridge. He has served on numerous boards, including the boards of The Rainforest Foundation, the Amazon Alliance, the Global Forest Foundation, and the Andean Center for Sustainable Development. He also founded and co-chaired The Forests Dialogue, and helped establish and lead the Asia Forest Partnership.

  • Vice President of Asia Pacific, Rare
  • Lead Advisor on Climate Change and Energy Issues in Asia, Clinton Global Initiative 

Ph.D, Tropical Ecology, King’s College at Cambridge University
M.A., Tropical Ecology, King’s College at Cambridge University
B.A., Natural Sciences, King’s College at Cambridge University


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Nigel Sizer, co-author. Profit Without Plunder: Reaping Revenue from Guyana’s Tropical Forests Without Destroying Them. World Resources Institute, 1997.

Nigel Sizer, co-author. Backs to the Wall in Suriname. World Resources Institute, April 1995.

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