This attack on the BBC is scandalous

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Forcing the BBC to fund free TV licences for the over-75s from its licence fee revenue, as the government has announced it will do, is profoundly unconstitutional. Free licences are currently a welfare benefit, introduced by Gordon Brown in 2001. If the bill has grown too high in these austere times, the government should take the decision to end it or phase it out. It looks like ministers are too frit to do so. Instead, shockingly, the BBC will be responsible for deciding in 2020 whether to continue with the free-licence perk. It should not: the licence fee is paid by almost everyone, and should only ever be used to pay for universal public broadcasting.

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Diane Coyle

Managing Director, Enlightenment Economics


Economist and author Diane Coyle runs the consultancy Enlightenment Economics. She is Vice Chair of the BBC Trust. She is a member of the Migration Advisory Committee, was a member of the Browne Review of higher education funding, and was on the Competition Commission for eight years. Diane is a visiting professor at the University […]

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